Album Review: ‘Somme’ by Nighon [Song Stream]

Reigning from Finland, the band Nighon is gearing up for the release of their next album titled ‘Somme’. The album will be released via Inverse Records on May 5th 2017. This will be the band’s second album. Can the Finnish metal band catch lightning in a bottle a second time? Let’s find out!

What an album! That’s what we are starting with. What a fantastic damn record. I had so many questions upon my first play through of ‘Somme’. “This sounds like one great big story. A lot of war type songs.” Most importantly, “what the hell is going on here?”. The first two thoughts were answered upon doing some research. It is indeed a concept album and it has a large focus on war. But the “what the hell?” factor is still there. The amount of diversity and different faucets this band have at their disposal is ridiculous. After almost every song I thought I had figured this band out and every time I was wrong. Nighon has a male and female vocalists and the power of them both combined is something that you need to experience. With the beautiful singing and the incredibly brutal scream, this band has every vocal base covered. The diversity doesn’t end with vocals. In one instance it’s very aggressive, hard and fast and the next there’s orchestral sections and even a bit of electronic music (just a hint). Mix that with sound samples of war time radio broadcasts and we are left with pure amazement on how the band pulled off such masterful art. On their sophomore album no less! The album itself runs in at 14 tracks. Being 100 percent completely honest, by the last song I thought “okay this album must be almost over” right as the last song comes to a close. I have never had album leave it at the end perfectly quite like Nighon has here. You’re not left needing more from the album and it comes to a close just as you feel it should. I normally would talk about individual songs buy this record literally needs to be listened to start to finish. I promise you won’t regret it. (If I was forced to pick even a single song it’d be “Reclaiming Ravenpoint”).

This record easily earns a 9 out of 10. With the diversity and strength in the song writing lyrically and instrumentally and the strong vocal performance you can’t go wrong. The surprise of how different it is from the band’s previous work also contributes to the score. Its impressive the depth they’ve added.

Check out Nighon at the links below.

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