Album Review: ‘As the World Collapses’ by Zephyra [Song Stream]

The band Zephyra released ‘As the World Collapses’ on August 5th 2016 via Inverse Records. This is the Swedish band’s second full length album and prior to that released two EP’s. Is this new album worth a listen? Let’s get into it!

I went into Zephyra’s new album with zero expectations. I had never heard of this band before so it was a clean slate. I was in for quite a surprise when I realized how good this album is. Right out of the gate with the song “Words of a Demagogue” we are greeted with what this band is all about. Electronic music, many different sub genres within metal of influence, cleans and screams. Quite the versatile project we have here in Zephyra. All female vocals with influence from all over the radar. I really pick up on an Angela Era Arch Enemy and a Light This City for the screams. As far as cleans, I can compare them to The Agonist. You can’t get a much better combination vocally speaking. The instrumentals are nothing to scoff at ether. Plenty of the usual heavy metal with influences of thrash, death and hard rock but we are treated with so much more then the usual. Electronic music is littered in almost every track, piano sections and everything in between. This was such an enjoyable listen. One song in particular stuck with me and it was the song “Virago”. This song has me screaming along with it everytime it comes on. Super catchy but super heavy.

This is a solid record. I easily give this a 8 out of 10. Very solid release. I love the mix of screams and cleans. The singer is super talented and keeps your attention for the entirety of this album. That combined with the instrumentals make this and can’t miss record.

Check out Zephyra at the links down below.

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