Album Review: ‘Abreaction’ by Svart Crown

Svart Crown released their 5th album titled ‘Abreaction’ on March 3rd (EU) and March 17th (US). Svart Crown is a blackened death metal band out of France. How does this album stack up to the rest of their discography? Let’s find out!

Anyone that has followed me for awhile knows I’m a sucker for album art. This describes a lot of the sounds you hear on the album. Songs like “Tentacion” and the intro to “Golden Sacrament” have a tribal feel. “Khimba Rites” is evil as all hell. The album as whole just sounds pissed off. Ya, I got all that from the album art after I listened to the record a few times. ‘Abreaction’ is an interesting album. Upon your first playthrough, every song seemingly gets better and better. From the halfway point on this album is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible. The issue with this is, after your first playthrough, you thirst for the second half of the album. The speed and ferocity just seem to pick up and stay at an elevated level after the song “Tentacion”. Not to say the first half is bad. I guess the only negative of this record is if it was balanced a little better. If this had songs like “Orgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy” or “Emphatic Illusion” earlier in the record the overall package would have been much better.

I give this album a 7.8 out of 10. This is a banger of a record that is a must have in your collection. It does a lot of things well and is multifaceted with a few sub genres at its disposal. It gives black, death and thrash metal fans something to sink their teeth into. If you wanna give this band and a shot, I can’t recommend “Orgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy” enough. Amazing song.

Check out Svart Crown at the links below.

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