New Song: “Song for the Dead” by Carach Angren [Song Stream]

Carach Angren’s new song is both creepy yet satisfying. It’s as if you’re at haunted carnival of some sort, waiting to die while this song was playing all around you. “Song for the Dead” has a great way of sucking you in and encasing you within it. It has an infectiously addicting and catchy chorus with the words repeated over and over again, “Song for the dead”. I found myself saying it under my breath while I was working and doing chores at home. With this small reflection into what direction the new Carach Angren album is going in, you better be damn excited for this record to drop.

Carach Angren’s new album ‘Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten’ drops on June 16 2017 via Season of Mist.


Author: Hardwire Metal

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