Album Review: ‘Origin’ by The Hypothesis 

The Hypothesis is a modern melodic death metal band, hailing from Helsinki. Their album titled ‘Origin‘ is the band’s only full album and was released via Inverse Records on May 5th 2016. Let’s dive into ‘Origin‘ and see what this band really has to offer.

Let’s just say, this album takes you on a journey. Super heavy yet it has awesome catchy melodies and throw in electronic music. The mash up of everything here is truly something right behold. Not to mention with a band’s first release. This album leaves The Hypothesis with so many options and avenues to explore in the future. Very talented musicianship and the vocals are nothing short of impressive. Every song is different and the album as a whole spans the metal spectrum. I think it’s almost close minded to simply label these guys as a melodic death metal band because they are so much more than that. This band is special. Songs like “Leak” come at you straight away with a punch and you get that melodeath feel. A few songs later, we are treated with “Atonement“. This song totally changes pace with an almost techno intro and a clean/scream mix throughout the entire track. It has a lot of really interesting and kind of trance like sounds through the whole song as well. The last song I want to discuss is “Second Chance“. This track is the most interesting on the entire album just due to how different it is from the rest of the material. It’s purely instrumental with a plethora of sub genres strewn about. Electronic music, heavy metal, a little bit of groove in there as well, and some classic metal sounding solo work. It’s like band said “Let’s show these people what we can do” and threw all barriers out the window to try something exciting and different.

This album has earned an 8.5 out of 10. I really love this record. As I said earlier, this is the band’s first album and what The Hypothesis offers us is something truly unique. The band shows immense talent with all the different styles they can use to their advantage and make it sound natural, like they have a large discography to refer to. I can’t wait to see what this band does with their next release. If it is as innovative as ‘Origin’ is then it will surly be a smash hit. Do yourselves a favour and check this album out.

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