Metalhead Box: March 2017 [Decibel Tour Edition]

For anyone who has never seen this box: This is The Metalhead Box. It’s a subscription service similar to Loot Crate but way more metal. Inside is a plentiful amount of goodies and it has something for everyone, every month. This month is the first time The Metalhead Box has had theme and that theme is this year’s Decibel Tour. In case you’ve been living under a rock, I will put the tour poster below and then we can kick this review off! Let’s go!

Look at that line up. Tell me that a box filled with merch themed around this tour couldn’t be more exciting .

Already, they went all out. Every box comes with the newest issue of Decibel Magazine! What’s great about this magazine (if you live in the USA) is that it comes with a “Flexi Disc” (with a deluxe subscription). Right off of Decibel Magazines website, this is how they describe a Flexi Disc: “The Decibel Flexi Series rewards loyal subscribers with a new, ultra-limited vinyl flexi disc bound into the magazine every month. Each individual disc features exclusive music from the artists we’ve painstakingly covered over our 12 years and counting in the form of previously unreleased tracks, covers, live songs, demos, alternate takes, re-recordings and more!“. So in short. It’s bad ass.

Next up we have some posters from both Horrendous and Midnight. Horrendous is a death metal band and Midnight is a black/speed metal band. Personally I love the art of the Horrendous poster. It looks really cool and would go great on a poster wall.

One of the best parts of The Metalhead Box is it comes with battle vest gear most of the time. Both boxes I’ve had has had a patch and or a pin. We have a Choosing Death patch and the tour logo on a pin. Perfect for the battle vest!

This is the months “paper merch”. Each box has some advertising for labels, band’s or in this case the Decibel Magazine Tour. On the upper left we have Decibel Tour post card (not sure what else to call it) with all the dates on the back. In the bottom right is a picture with all the merch in the box this month. My favorite part of this month’s box is the window decal. The tour logo on my truck. I need and want that. It’s pretty damn cool.

This month’s shirt (modeled by my lovely wife) has all the band’s logos mashed into one. Its a really cool design and it’s exclusive to The Metalhead Box. This box gets cooler and cooler the further we go. The back of the shirt features all the band’s names as well.

But wait… there’s more! No expenses barred in this box. Two live albums for the two big names on the bill. Kreator, 3 disc deluxe edition, ‘Dying Alive’ live album! The value of this box is insane.

I’ve said it already. The value here is nuts. Think of how much this would all cost if purchased separately. Two cds, two posters, a pin, a patch, a car decal, an issue of Decibel Magazine and a limited edition t-shirt. If you’re even a casual fan of metal, you can’t go wrong here. Its a good way to expand your metal library and discover new bands and labels. This is something you should all subscribe to and get on board with!

Check out The Metalhead Box below:

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