Album Review: ‘The Lost Reveries’ by Naberus [Song Stream]


 Naberus is a metal band from Australia. Heavily influenced in the arts of thrash and melodeath. The band released their new album ‘The Lost Reveries‘ via Eclipse Records on December 2nd 2016. The album has 5 new songs and 9 remastered songs from their independent release prior to this album.

Naberus is an interesting band. They really mix things up throughout the whole album. One song will literally thrash your face off, the next song is a metalcore song and then they through melodeath in. It’s a fantastic mix that keeps you involved threw the entire record. Songs like “Torch the Sky” and opening track “Drones” make this album special and just a couple of the songs that make this album amazing. “Drones” is the one of best songs on this record. Right to the point and in your face on this track. It’s a melodeath song with a tasteful mix of screams and cleans that really compliments each other especially well on this track. “The Fallen“, one of the heavier tracks on the record with some of the most harsh and aggressive vocals on ‘The Lost Reveries‘. It’s also a melodeath song and has some very impressive solo work. My personal favorite track is “Torch the Sky“. It’s got a hard as hell sound it and I feel like it’s one of bands best efforts. It’s perfectly balanced with the different vocal styles and has a lot of variety instrumentally. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I really love this song. A lot.

I give this album an 8.3 out of 10. This album opens the door to a lot of different avenues for this band. They have the building blocks in place to make a great record although they have set the bar incredibly high on “The Lost Reveries“. Great album I’d suggest you all take a listen to and get on board with Naberus.

Check out Naberus below.

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