Song Review: “From the Wreckage of Humiliation” by A Mournful Path

A Mournful Path is a very promising Australian black metal band. So far the band has just one single out and the band is working on a larger release for later this year via Inverse Records. It is at this time unknown if the band is working on an EP or full album however. The song we are treated with here gives you an intense sense of atmosphere and yet dread at the same time. This is what nightmares are made of and it’s a very haunting sound this band provides. Yet you do hear hints of death metal throughout the whole track. If the band can provide such an environment on the rest of the record, it surly will be a can’t miss release. It is even more impressive that this whole band is comprised of two brothers. A very impressive and deep sound for only two people.

Check out A Mournful Path below.

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Author: Hardwire Metal

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