EP Review: ‘Alcohol and Razorblades’ by Sons of Famine

The picture we get from a few different sources with this band, point us in all different directions. A demonish figure baring an upside down cross necklace around its neck, leads me in a black metal direction. The logo to me seems very death metal like. Etchy but still readable. The EP titled ‘Alcohol and Razorblades‘ led me in a Municipal Waste kind of mind set. We get an amalgam of almost everything other than the black metal. I see the band labelled as black metal online but I just don’t hear it. We get a thrash/death mix and a tinge of heavy metal in there. It’s very hard to pinpoint exactly what this band is trying to be. I think that Sons of Famine does this on purpose. They don’t want to be more of the same. This really compliments the band and it leaves them wide open to do what they want. A nice mixture of speed yet heavy throughout all four songs on this EP. An interesting mix for sure. If I had to suggest one song it has to be “The Seed“. Hands down the best song on the EP. Tons of thrash throughout this one. I’m very curious to hear what Sons of Famine can put together with a full record. They expect to release a full album in 2018 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

I give this EP a 6.8 out of 10. The band is in an awkward spot of still feeling them selves out. They purposefully try to be edgy and different and for the most part that works out well for the band. Hopefully it can translate into a full record.

Check out Sons of Famine below.

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Author: Hardwire Metal

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