Album Review: ‘The Lost Chapters’ by Jasta

Jasta is a side project of Hatebreed singer, Jamey Jasta. This is the second album Jasta and it was released on March 31 2017 via Stillborn Records. Let’s find out what’s in store for us!

I didn’t really know what to expect from this record. Last we heard from Jasta was way back in 2011. We heard small rumblings here and there about the potential for a new Jasta album but with Hatebreed as Jamey Jastas main focus, it didn’t seem likely we would see one anytime soon. But here we are 6 years later and what we have is something a lot more interesting than the first Jasta record. With way less guests on ‘The Lost Chapters‘ (only one guest), leaving Jamey Jasta to more vocal duties than last time. There’s a lot of experimenting here from what we are used to hearing in Hatebreed and even the last Jasta album. Songs like “Buried Alive” and “Back to What Matters” are primarily cleanly sung. To my surprise, Jasta does so tastefully. The cleans are done well and are very catchy. Not everything is all clean cut here. We do have some “all pit, no shit” moments here to with songs like “Parasitic” and the last minute or so if “Dead Business“. If I’m being honest, “Buried Alive” is easily my favorite song. Jamey Jasta does a fantastic job singing on that track. I’m impressed.

I feel like this album comes in at a solid 7.8 out of 10. A very solid album. Its nice to hear Jamey Jasta doing something different. The songs are very well done. The cleans are catchy and the hard stuff  is easy to really get into, fist pump and headband away to. Anybody that’s been following me for awhile know I’m an enormous Hatebreed fan. I’ve seen them 11 times and own everything Jamey Jasta has ever done. My issue with this record is it just drives me insane for more Hatebreed music. This will hold me over till then I suppose.


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