Album Review: ‘Ritual’ by Centrate

German thrash band Centrate released their newest album titled ‘Ritual‘ on December 24 2016. It’s the band’s only full length release and was released independently by the band.

What can you say about German thrash metal? Band’s like Kreator and Sodom being the heavy weights, leaves a high bar to be reached. What we get with Centrate is a band on their first attempt at a full release and that being considered, it’s a very good album. Although Centrate is a German thrash band, you hear a lot of influences from the American side of thrash metal. You get a Slayer vibe from more than a few tracks throughout ‘Ritual‘. That being said, there still is a lot of German influences as well. Some of the more obvious ones are Sodom and even more so, Destruction. A couple stand out tracks here are “In the Face of Death“, “Forever Mine” and “Revenge“. “Forever Mine” is one of the songs with the American Slayer influences we were talking about earlier. It’s more of a mid tempo song but damn is it good. “Revenge” is more of the modern thrash sound we expect from band’s like Centrate.  It screams modern thrash, right to it’s core.

I give this album a 7.8 out of 10. A good record from a good band putting out their very first record. Centrate has a lot to offer here. The band has set a bar pretty high for themselves whenever they do happen to get another record out. This is a pretty bad ass thrash album and it shows that there is something to be said about the underground. It’s thriving. Bands like this deserve more attention and hopefully this band can break out of the underground and be heard by tons of people. Centrate is officially on my radar and I literally cannot wait to see what this great thrash band does next.

Check Centrate out down below:

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