Album Review: ‘Extinction’ by Harlott

Thrash is the dominate subgenre this year in metal. With band’s like Overkill, Kreator, Havok and Warbringer putting albums out already this year, the thrash scene is producing some huge albums.  This is the bands third full length release. Can the Austrialian thrash band fit in with the big boys?

Harlott is like a hybrid thrash band. Throughout this album I kept thinking I had their influences figured out. Each song that passed made the list of influences larger and larger. Some of the more dominate being Exodus, Slayer, Testament and even Kreator. The best thing about Harlott however, is their ability to take all those influences and make their own brand of thrash. An unrelenting barrage of thrash. To answer my question from the opening of this review, yes this band fits right in with the big guns of thrash. Not only do they fit in but they come in swinging, claiming a spot in this year’s thrash spotlight. ‘Extinction‘ is riddled with great songs. Tracks like “First World Solutions“, “Whore” and “Violent Conspirator” really stood out to me. “First World Solutions” gave me such a Slayer vibe and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It has heavy ties to ‘God Hates Us All‘ era Slayer. I loved every moment of it. Let’s jump right to “Violent Conspirator“. By far the shortest track on this record and it absolutely rips your face off. With an unforgiving speed and just as unforgiving solos, this track is a banger.

This album us a solid 8.4 out of 10. The competition is ridiculous this year in thrash. I think this album will be brought up in top thrash albums of the year. There is potential in that, depending what else we get this year. It’s a super fast and incredibly talented record. I will definitely be buying a copy. Add this to your must listen list.

Check Harlott out below.

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