The Metalhead Box: April 2017

Small disclaimer before this review. Damn you The Metalhead Box team… for packing in so much stuff I have to cram into one picture!

Although a clustered mess, the above picture is the loot we received in the April 2017 box. We got some pretty cool stuff and things you never knew you wanted until you got them. But you’ll have to wait and see in this review what exactly those things are!

Four CD’s. Worth it already. From my understanding, everybody received a few different CD’s so although this list may vary from yours, these are the ones I got. I’m a thrash metal guy and I was beyond excited to see a Reign of Fury album in here. The album in question is ‘World Detonation‘ and it’s a wicked thrash album. The Lector disc surprised me. It’s a really cool doom/heavy metal band. It’s an interesting mix and although not my cup of tea, I can appreciate it. There are some demos later on the disc that are pretty cool as well.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to the other two records yet but I cannot wait to get those discs spinning.

Let’s carry on with the last disc product we get. A live Death Angel DVD. The DVD is called ‘Sonic German Breakdown‘ so I think it’s safe to assume the show took place in Germany. The show itself was recorded in 2007 and released in 2009 so don’t expect any of their newest album on their. It’s still well worth the watch.

As she did last month, my lovely wife modeled this month’s shirt. This time around we get a Toxic Holocaust shirt. As I stated earlier, I love thrash and I couldn’t be happier about getting this shirt. If you’ve never heard of this band, do yourself a favor and stop what you’re doing to listen to any of their music. Not to mention this an exclusive shirt!

We also received a signed Luc Lamay picture. Guitarist of the death metal band Gorguts. Yet another great item from a great band. Gorguts is one of the best death metal band’s around and shouldn’t be missed.

This is just one of three exclusive posters within The Metalhead Box this month. I obviously received the Celtic Frost one.

A beer koozie! Hands down best part of this box. Not based on value or anything but just because I never expected to get something like that. I never knew I wanted a Destruction koozie till I now have one. The Metalhead Box team is so cool with some of the things they come up with.

Lastly is an advertisement card for Black Market Metal Label. Check out the website on the card for some pretty bad ass metal.

This monthly subscription services is constantly upping the bar with content we get. They’re great people to work/deal with and it’s obvious they care about the community. I can’t stress it enough to purchase even just a one month subscription just to try it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Check out The Metalhead Box team at the link below:

The Metalhead Box


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