Album Review: ‘Bloodlust’ by Body Count

Ice-T and the boys are back with a new album titled ‘Bloodlust‘, out March 31 2017 via Century Media Records. The boys in Body Count have 3 records out prior to ‘Bloodlust‘. Let’s see what direction this band has headed in.

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Tour Announcement: Baptism Festivals Announcement

BAPTISM have announced four festival appearances in Europe and the USA this summer.   Continue reading “Tour Announcement: Baptism Festivals Announcement”

Tour Announcement: Saint Vitus European Tour

Godfathers of doom metal Saint Vitus, have announced they will be embarking on a string of shows through Europe this spring. Saint Vitus will kick off their tour at both the Desertfest in Berlin as well as Desertfest in London, UK. The tour dates will both be in a picture and text below. Continue reading “Tour Announcement: Saint Vitus European Tour”

Album Review: ‘Dance with Devils’ by Deathless Legacy

Italian horror heavy metal band Deathless Legacy released their new album ‘Dance with Devils‘ on January 27 2017. The band uses a lot of haunting themes both audio and visually. Interesting concept but a lot band’s do it. How does this band stand out from the rest?

This album is really, really fun. I haven’t heard an album that kept me entertained like this in a long time. ‘Dance with Devils‘ feels like a haunted carnival ride. Halloween like lyricism throughout the entirety of the record but there’s so much more going on here. Right from the opening instrumental only track we are greeted with the idea of, I hate to sound redundant but, Halloween. There’s crazy set pieces on this record whether it’s straight up metal or if it’s orchestral or if it’s just haunting as all hell. This is a really cool record. A few highlights on this record are “Witches Brew“, “Lucifer” and “Voivode“. I had a hard time choosing my favorite between “Lucifer” and “Voivode“. “Lucifer” has organs! What the hell! How do they make organs fit in a metal song. I guess organ goes hand in hand with the themes this band implies. “Voivode” is probably the most well rounded track on this record. It’s got the band’s haunting weird stuff with more of a modern metal twist. More aggressive vocals and more metal instrumentals with some more straight forward “normal” sounding guitar work. It still has that weird awesomeness the rest of the record has as well.  This album is so interesting. Another really odd but cool track is “Curse of the Waltz“.

I give this album an 7.8 out of 10.  It’s the perfect album to pick up once and while and throw it on and remember how good it is. I could easily recommend this band to people.

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Album Review: ‘The Lost Reveries’ by Naberus [Song Stream]


 Naberus is a metal band from Australia. Heavily influenced in the arts of thrash and melodeath. The band released their new album ‘The Lost Reveries‘ via Eclipse Records on December 2nd 2016. The album has 5 new songs and 9 remastered songs from their independent release prior to this album.

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