Album Review: ‘As the World Collapses’ by Zephyra [Song Stream]

The band Zephyra released ‘As the World Collapses’ on August 5th 2016 via Inverse Records. This is the Swedish band’s second full length album and prior to that released two EP’s. Is this new album worth a listen? Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Album Review: ‘As the World Collapses’ by Zephyra [Song Stream]”


Album Review: ‘Somme’ by Nighon [Song Stream]

Reigning from Finland, the band Nighon is gearing up for the release of their next album titled ‘Somme’. The album will be released via Inverse Records on May 5th 2017. This will be the band’s second album. Can the Finnish metal band catch lightning in a bottle a second time? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Album Review: ‘Somme’ by Nighon [Song Stream]”