Concert Review: Unearth at Club Absinthe 

This show took place at Club Absinthe in Hamilton Ontario. The concert poster shows 4 band’s but there was also local support at this show by the band Act of Sin.

Act of Sin did a good job getting the show started, some minor mic issues aside. I think it’s great when you get local band’s in on shows for a few reasons. You get people to the show that may not have gone before just to support their local band, it’s a band the locals can connect to and get the adrenaline pumping and it’s just gets some exposure to band’s that may never see it otherwise. Good show by Act of Sin.

Say what you will, Darkness Divided could have easily been direct support to Unearth. They didn’t care if their was 1 person or 100 people moshing for them. They kept the energy pumping and won me over as a fan of their music. I can’t get over the energy this band puts off. The vocals were very impressive but the lead guitarist was why this band really nailed it. He was more than on point, he was near flawless. They sounded pretty damn close to their record music. Loved every minute.

Next up was Exalt. I will do my best to review these guys. They aren’t my cup of tea but the band really set it off. This is when the show started getting crazy. The singer has an insane style and body language as he runs around screaming on stage. He really puts his all into his vocals. It almost looks like he’s going to tear everything apart that’s on stage and it’s very entertaining.

The last band before Unearth was Fit for an Autopsy. Just when you thought the people in this club couldn’t be setting it off any harder. I had never heard of this band before I found out I was attending this show and I wish I could’ve found them sooner. They just put a very well done new album out and it lead to some pretty big expectations for their live performance. The band didn’t disappoint and were easily the heaviest band of the night.

The highlight of the night! The guys in Unearth tore Club Abesinthe apart. This was aggressive and energetic, it was truly an unbelievable environment to be apart of. Unearth were really tight through their whole set and the crowd was responding accordingly. They played all the songs you’d expect them to. “Endless“, “Zombie Autopilot” and “Thy Will be Done“.  It’s really hard to put into words how awesome seeing this band in this venue was. They seriously brought the house down.

Club Absinthe was never a venue I had visited or even heard of before this show. When you walk in the front door there’s a massive concrete “pole” in the middle of the floor and you can reach up and touch the ceiling. At first sight it’s not much to look at. I thought that same thing, until the show started. This is the most intimate show I’ve ever attended. The band’s were closer then arms reach in front of you. With such a small area the pit was absolutely insane. So insane in fact that the security had to keep pushing us away from the barricade and also had to keep their weight against them to keep the barricade from coming down. It was an absolute mad house and I had an absolute riot. This venue is a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m looking to attend more shows in the near future (Deafheaven).