O Canada: ‘Time Stands Still’  by Unleash the Archers [Song Stream]

Welcome to the inaugural segment of “O Canada“. In this weekly segment we will talk about and review band’s from… you guessed it. Canada. Hope you fellow Canadians enjoy this segment and hope it expands your libraries to include more Canadian metal. I do obviously hope that other people from around the world enjoy this as well. Let’s get it started!

Hailing from Victoria, BC we have Unleash the Archers. They are a power metal band currently signed to Napalm Records. They are also dropping a new record on June 2 2017 titled ‘Apex‘. We aren’t here to talk about ‘Apex‘ however, we are here for ‘Time Stands Still‘ so let’s get on with it.

I think the thing I love most about this band is the fact that they are a really fun band to listen to but remain a serious contender in the power metal scene. By fun I don’t mean goofy lyrics or silly songs or anything like that. They are a really fun band to sing along with and dance around like a fool. This is especially true with ‘Time Stands Still‘. An album without a single weak moment on it. It’s an incredible record. The vocals and instrumental aspects of the album are so tastefully done. Some of the highlight tracks are “Tonight We Ride” and “Test Your Metal“. “Tonight We Ride” is actually the first song I heard by this band and I’v been hooked ever since. It’s easily the most memorable song of this album. It’s a great song to sing along to and have fun with. It’s got a really quick pace to it and has some of the most impressive vocals on ‘Time Stands Still‘ and arguably their most catchy chorus they’ve made as a band.

I can say this album is more than deserving of a 8.2 out of 10. The key thing we have been talking about here is the level of fun. I have not heard an album in recent memory that gave me this amount of joy to listen to it repeatedly. There is no listeners fatigue on this disc, I was easily able to go start to finish over and over again without getting bored. What a great record. With a fantastic release like this, I can’t wait for ‘Apex‘ to release!

Check out Unleash the Archers below.

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