Album Review: ‘Welcome to the End’ by Stormhammer 

Stormhammer is a power metal band reigning from Germany. ‘Welcome to the End‘ is the band’s 6th album and was released via Massacre Records. Let’s find out what this band has in place for us, shall we?

Stormhammer doing what they do best. Power metal. What we get with this record is more of what we have heard from this band before with a little more production  and consistency. Galloping guitars with some thrashy sections. The issues I have with this record are that the songs are a little to similar. Not to say there is no stand out tracks however. Songs like “The Law” and the album titled track “Welcome to the End” really showcase what this band is capable of, and that’s epic power metal. “The Law” is my favorite track. I absolutely love the speed and guitar structure in this song. I found myself whistling it all day and couldn’t get the chorus out of my head. Very cool song. Those damn solos are impressive!

I give this album a 7-10. The album is cool and has some pretty good hightlights. It’s easy to make it through the entire album without fatigue and is more than worth one playthrough. It’s hard to appreciate what this band and album have to offer first time around. Give it a go.